Would you pay $42,000 to have cybersex with this woman over webcam? Or, rather, did you?

According to Kink.com, someone in Australia ponied up that record-setting amount for a one-hour "webcam session" with its porn director, Maitresse Madeline.

A dominatrix by trade, Madeline is keeping tight-lipped about what kind of virtual action $42,000 buys a client, but she did vow to give him "the best, most high-end cam experience of his life."

The auction that resulted in the record-setting transaction started two weeks ago as a promotion for the next iteration of Madeline's femdom site Divine Bitches.

"It's a place where the women of Divine Bitches can offer such things as auctions for pantyhose, shoes, signed photographs, chastity-key holding services, fin domme services and auctioning off high end cam shows, VIP memberships to Divine Bitches, etc.," she told Kinky.com.

"Fin domme," by the way, stands for "financial domination."

"I used to have a customer who would pay me $1000 to hang up on him after one minute of dominating him in a cam show," Madeline explains.

"This is porn for the 1 percent," Kink's publicist told Salon.

Adds Madeline: "By the time we reach these high end bid amounts we're dealing with another level of customer. These types of customers are willing to pay for the performer they want, when they want and how they want [it]."

In other words, whatever floats your yacht.

[H/T: The Daily Dot, photos via Instagram, screengrab via Kinky.com]