Police officers returned to their cars outside an NYPD Athletic League building in Greenwich Village with human excrement smeared on the door handles. Someone (or multiple people!) really wanted to give the police some shit.

A source inside the NYPD told DNAinfo that they suspect a group of homeless youths that have been hanging around outside the building.

"They were near the police facility, camped out, first just in sleeping bags, and they would leave in the morning," a source told DNAinfo. "But then it was more a tent city and I guess it was too much and they were staying too long and they were told to move by Community Affairs."

But homeless teens are not the only people annoyed with police in the area. From DNAinfo:

The source explained that there has been some criticism from residents that Community Affairs officials take up too many parking spots on the street, painting lines for their vehicles and often placing wooden barricades in spaces to keep others from using them.

The same police source skillfully deduces, "No one knows."

[Image via Flickr/Maxine Sheppard]