A fight between a father and son in the parking lot of an Orlando Dave and Buster's ended with the father in critical condition and the son in jail. The cause of the fight? A mid-dinner revelation that the father had been having an affair with a woman who, reportedly, was sending him texts throughout the meal.

Upon realizing that his father was cheating on his mother, who was also at the dinner, 21-year-old Taylor Harris stormed out to the restaurant's parking lot, shouting, “You better not come out here” at his father, Leonard Harris, 52, according to the sheriff's report.

Harris's mother, Mary Harris, said that her husband followed their son outside to ask why he was so upset. However, according to the sheriff's report, the son said that, as he was leaving the table to calm down, his father “got in his face and would not leave him alone, so an argument ensued.”

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The father followed but appeared to be walking away when the son swore, pushed his dad and hit him once in the face. A witness later told deputies, "When the victim fell and hit the concrete … she could hear the victim's head hit the concrete three car lengths away," the report stated.

A medic and his EMT-registered wife happened upon the scene on their way inside the restaurant and performed CPR on the father, who wasn't breathing and was without a pulse. The father was eventually resuscitated and taken to a nearby hospital, where he remains in the neurological intensive care unit in critical condition.

The son was arrested and held without bail on charges of aggravated battery with great bodily harm and domestic violence.

[via Daily Mail]

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