Sorority rush is one of the only forms of torture the U.S. still condones. It makes sense, then, that sisters would want to cut loose after completing the arduous process. University of Florida's AOPi seniors did so by taking pictures of their boobs.

One photo got out, and it's making the rounds on Twitter and the anonymous gossip app Yik Yak. It features the nipples of three worn out, fed up sorority sisters, along with the bare ass of another. At least one other sister can be seen flashing her hip bone tattoo. It looks like the whole group is having fun.

According to The Independent Florida Alligator, the sisters won't be punished, because getting naked in your own sorority house isn't against the law. UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes is still very, very disappointed, however. "It doesn't appear to be a conduct violation, but this is something these women will have to live with for the rest of their lives," she told the Alligator. Wahh, spoken like a true GDI.

[Photo via Pinterest]