Though there are many fine people in the state of South Carolina, it is fairly uncontroversial to observe that the political class of South Carolina is the dumbest bunch of fucking hicks legally allowed to vote in the United States of America.

Inside Higher Ed reports that the University of South Carolina Upstate has cancelled a scheduled comedy performance entitled "How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less," (which describes itself as "a hilarious coming out story for queers and non-queers alike. Motivational speaker and expert lesbian Butchy McDyke deftly guides her captive audience in an exploration of self-discovery and first love, coming out, lesbian sex, queer politics, and a really important Reba McEntire song as they learn to confidently shout, "I'm a big 'ol dyke!" Trailer above.) because—and here is the great part, where the ol' South Carolina Republicans really come out to shine in all their god damn hick glory—it was perceived as a recruiting event:

State Senator Mike Fair, a Republican who is among those who had been demanding that the event be called off, said he was pleased that the university agreed to do so. He said he has long been concerned about "aberrant behavior" and said that the show, being about "recruiting," contradicted what gay rights advocates have told him about having been "born this way." He said that he rejected such a view. "All of us have predispositions to do wrong."

Yo these South Carolina Republicans are probably still terrified of witchcraft and the evil eye too. Great job electing these leaders, you idiots. LEARN SOME SHIT.