In North Dallas, Texas, police are investigating Douglas Leguin, a man they say attempted to commandeer a house, then fired an assault rifle at firefighters who responded to a nearby dumpster fire. Leguin allegedly attempted to ambush police who responded, then called 911 and declared his secession from the U.S.

From NBC's transcript of the call:

"I'm Dougie Doug and I just seceded from the nation," the caller said. "I've seceded from the nation. This is now Dougiestan right here."

"I'm pissed off at America. America is broke. It's got a sorry government and the people won't vote," the caller continued.

Dougie Doug also admonished the 911 operator for "shooting the mentally handicapped," the Dallas Morning News reports. When asked if he had been diagnosed with a condition, he said he had "a clear mind and a full heart."

Leguin's wife called 911 before the shootout, alarmed that her husband was missing, along with an AK-47 and several tanks of propane. When police apprehended Leguin, he allegedly had several explosive devices, several of which had already detonated, according to the Morning News.

The sovereign citizen was arrested at the scene Monday, and remains incarcerated, but yesterday, the flag flying above his home in Corinth was turned mysteriously upside-down. The Dallas Police are now "looking at Mr. Leguin for his anti-government views," ABC reports.