The AP reports that Ohio governor John Kasich has declared a state of emergency in Toledo, Ohio, after tests showed the presence of a toxin in the city's water supply. About 400,000 people have been warned not to drink the water.

According to Toledo News Now, chemists found two sample readings for microcystin when testing water at Toledo's Collins Park Water Treatment Plant. The AP notes that the toxin may have come from algae on Lake Erie.

Residents of Toledo and the neighboring suburb Lucas County, which receives water from the city of Toledo, are being told not to use or boil the city's water. Toledo leaders are reportedly setting up water distribution centers, as many stores in Toledo have already sold out of bottled water.

The AP reports that the emergency order will "allow the state to begin bringing water into the Toledo area." From the AP:

Toledo's mayor says it's too early to know how long the water advisory will stay in place. More tests are being done and results are expected later Saturday.

[image via AP]