Mike and his fiancée MaiLien were all set to get married this Saturday on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial when the government shutdown abruptly shut down their dreams.

Upon learning that Mike was willing to break through the federal barricade and "just do it anyway," Stephen Colbert decided he needed to help the couple out.

Now, don't get him wrong, Colbert is "100% in favor of the shutdown." But hearing their story has caused a shutdown in his heart.

Believing love to be "bigger than this shutdown" — an making good on his promise to "provide all canceled government services" — Colbert invited Mike and MaiLien to get married in his studio, in front of a photo of the Jefferson Memorial.

To sweeten the deal, Colbert even agreed to throw in bachelor and bachelorette parties, a bunch of special guests, and to officiate the ceremony himself by the powers vested in him by the ministry certification he got off the web.

Thus, the "2013 Government Shutdown Wedding of the Century" conquered the shutdown. Now onto actually conquering the shutdown.

[videos via Colbert Nation]