Here's a brief history of some lost, drunken blokes trying to talk noted physicist Stephen Hawking into coming along on their bachelor party.

Chris Hallam, 29, was celebrating his impending marriage by donning a Bananaman suit and hitting the bars of Cambridge, U.K. with his nine best Bananamen (as you do) when he encountered the world's most famous theoretical physicist.

"We only came across Professor Hawking because we were lost. We were just looking for a bar and spotted him getting out of his car," Hallam told the Daily Mail.

After convincing Prof. Hawking to pose for a picture, they invited him and his son to drop their dinner plans and join them on their bar crawl. According to Hallam, Hawking's son was in favor of the idea.

But alas, the Bananabros were not to party with the Master of the Universe. They continued on with their night, and he with his, like high-energy particles colliding in an unpredictable universe.

That's not to say that Hawking doesn't enjoy a party, though. The 72-year-old professor has been known to visit a swingers' club in California (although Cambridge University denies he's a "regular" there), and has been spotted at well-known U.K. strip club Stringfellows.

"I remember asking him if he'd like to have a conversation with me about the universe or if he'd just like to watch the girls," says club owner Peter Stringfellow whenever someone asks him about Hawking.

"His answer was, quite simply, 'The girls.'"

[H/T: Metro, Photo Credit: Chris Hallam/Facebook]