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It's "Extreme Week" on The Steve Harvey Show, which opens the door for this bit of complete and utter nonsense that aired earlier today. Carla is supposedly addicted to social media ("I feel like I'm a minister of the gospel of Facebook") and unable to do anything without documenting it for the world to see ("If it didn't happen on social media, it didn't happen"). Her segment on this show, though, revealed that the real reason she needs to put down her damn phone is so she can learn how to deliver her lines more convincingly, because this show is apparently more wooden and fake now than Jerry Springer, even.

As if the whole thing weren't ridiculous enough, it ends with Harvey demanding Carla give up her phone-tapping habits and telling her to reach into a tank with tarantulas to retrieve her phone. Carla declines, saying that she won't risk her life for her phone.


Do these people know anything? Did Carla ever get her phone back? Did any of this actually happen before I sent the link to this post through social media?