Ted Cruz is an idiot, and the National Review is an idiot enabler:

Here's an NR "post" by Andrew McCarthy, a neocon torture apologist whose greatest achievement is being occasionally confused with a B-actor who fucked a mannequin. Emphasis added:

On Sean Hannity's Fox News program last night, Senator Ted Cruz recapped the Senate debate in which he renewed his call for a joint congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi massacre. He explained that Democrats are blocking action because there has already been enough investigation even as they acknowledge they do not know basic facts about what happened on the evening of September 11, 2012 — like where the commander-in-chief was, what he was doing, whether he was sleeping, whether he took any meaningful action to rescue Americans who were under siege for hours after he was first informed of the attack.

Senator Cruz also opined that a select committee will be needed for the IRS scandal as well...

A couple of things. First, congressional Republicans, who just summoned their own Benghazi investigative panel from the depths of Baal's musty armpit, must get really tired of Cruz bigfooting them all the time. No way they can get to the bottom of this alone! They need Super Ted and his paisley Princeton robe to get some movement on this thing.

Second, yeah, the dearth of show trials is what's kept America from getting to the bottom of the Benghazi and IRS "scandals." I thought these guys hated communists and Nazis? Maybe try a catchy explainer-jingle instead.

Third, what precisely would we learn if POTUS was in fact sleeping while some shit was going down on the Barbary coast six time zones away? Besides, you know, at least he wasn't really wrapped up in a reading of "The Pet Goat"?

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