Authorities in Arizona say a woman who was killed when a car crashed into her classroom had just switched seats so she could be closer to the teacher.

Pima Medical Institute student Lacey Gruntorad, 22, was attending a massage therapy class at Spa Pima in Gilbert on September 27th, when a white 2002 Infiniti luxury sedan suddenly rammed through the wall and ran her over.

Instructor Melinda Keeling suffered a broken arm, while another student sustained back and leg injuries. Twelve other students had minor injuries that were treated at the scene.

According to local police, Gruntorad had approached a classmate during a break in the session and asked to switch seats.

Gruntorad had wanted to be close to Keeling so that she could use her as a volunteer during a demonstration of massage-therapy techniques.

The student who switched places with Gruntorad escaped the crash with superficial wounds.

The car's driver, meanwhile, claims she confused the gas pedal with the brake and lost control of the vehicle.

The 87-year-old woman, who remains unidentified, told police she "did not know how she was going to live since some parents lost a child because of her."

No criminal charges were brought against her after a panel of experts ruled the accident was neither reckless, negligent, nor intentional.

[H/T: The Daily Mail, screengrab via ABC15]