Those of you who were fortunate enough to attend a high school with white, rural, male students will be unsurprised to learn that white, rural, male high school students are wasted. So, so wasted.

The whole entire football team is out in the woods with three kegs and like sixteen bottles of Jack Daniels that they stole from Winn Dixie, according to a new study of binge drinking among high school students. Bloomberg reports:

About 11 percent of [high school students] surveyed said they consumed 10 or more consecutive drinks in the past two weeks, while 5.6 percent imbibed at least 15 at a time, according to research published in JAMA Pediatrics... Those who may be most prone to engage in extreme binge drinking were male, white, lived in rural areas, used other drugs, smoked cigarettes, missed school more often and had parents with a lower level of education, according to the research.

Seriously dude, the whole football team. Except Tebow.

[Bloomberg. Photo: Daniel Spils/ Flickr]