Lah dee da, look at you, Ms. Classy, sipping on some wine, right out of a wine glass. No pulls of Popov straight from the bottle for you! Only the best, when it comes to drinking. The fact is, ma'am, you are drunk. And no wonder. You have no idea how much you're drinking.

Scientists in Iowa decided, "Let's just study people drinking wine." So they did. And what did they learn? They learned that you, Ms. Classy Wilhelmina Blassie, have absolutely no idea how drunk you are. You had three "glasses" of wine, did you? Glasses...or overflowing buckets?

The Des Moines Register reports:

The study, published in Substance Use and Misuse, found that participants poured 12 percent more wine into a wide glass than a narrow glass. They also poured 12 percent more wine into a glass they were holding, versus one placed on a table. Color contrast affected pours, too. Participants over-poured white wine into a clear glass by 10 percent. There was less over-pouring when the wine was red.

Walking around a party, holding your clear wine glass out for just a splash more, all the while engaged in witty repartee with your phalanx of fabulous friends? No. You are actually in the toilet—covered in vomit—and guess what's on your head? It's poop, from the toilet.

Cause you had too much wine.

[Photo: lowjumpingfrog/Flickr]