Scientists have always believed that, as you get older, you look all worn down and old, and hell, that's just the way it is, tough shit. But a groundbreaking new study says that, like everything else screwed up about you, this is something that you can blame on your mom.

A new study out this month in Nature reveals that, hey, the decay of your mitochondrial DNA isn't all your fault. Are you listening, mom?

For the first time, the researchers have shown that the aging process is influenced not only by the accumulation of mitochondrial DNA damage during a person's lifetime, but also by the inherited DNA from their mothers.

"Surprisingly, we also show that our mother's mitochondrial DNA seems to influence our own aging," said Larsson. "If we inherit mDNA with mutations from our mother, we age more quickly."

Wow, thanks for great mDNA— mom.

*Rolls eyes*

*Eyes fall out*

*Thanks for those great eye genes—mom*

[Science Daily. Photo: Shutterstock]