Though many companies sure gave it their best shot, none could surpass the truly outstanding tactlessness of The Onion's fake 9/11 coupon advertising a special "Subtember 11th" deal of 2 Subway footlong subs for $9.11.

No one was more appalled by the mock-promotion than Subway itself. And by "no one was more appalled" I mean no one else was appalled.

But Subway was plenty appalled on everyone's behalf:

The sandwich chain did eventually come around, though. Well, at least one its stores did.

A video uploaded to YouTube on September 11th appears to show a Subway in San Francisco honoring The Onion's 9/11 offer:

I played a prank on my friend and convinced him that The Onion’s satirical 9/11 deal was a real promotion, and when he and my other co-worker (who was in on it) went to grab the food Subway actually honored the promotion. I gave my co-worker a blown up version of the picture that The Onion made for their article and they accepted it. I have a receipt showing a subtotal of $9.11 before taxes. My mind was blown.

Uploader Travis Northup posted a scan of the receipt to prove the transaction took place.

He also noted that there are no $5 footlongs in San Francisco, so the duo actually saved about seven bucks.

It took 12 years, but 9/11 is finally paying off.

[H/T: Gothamist]