Here's a disgusting new way to make Baby healthier: Instead of being an uptight parent who uses dishwashers or soap or basic hygiene, try "cleaning" your infant's gross pukey pacifier by sticking that thing in your mouth and sucking away.

A new study proves that parents who do this, in Sweden, end up with kids who don't have a million allergies and aren't such a hassle. What you're doing when you suck the filth off your baby's pacifier is teaching Baby's body to get used to germs, because you are feeding your germs back to the child.

According to the new study published today in Pediatrics, kids who feast on their parents' mouth bacteria also have lower rates of eczema and asthma.

But the simple act of a parent sticking a dirty pacifier into their mouth may not be the sole reason their babies are healthier. This kind of behavior might just be a marker for the kind of slovenly child-rearing necessary to keep Junior from becoming allergic to everything.

It's also a good way to get some extra space on the subway or in a busy restaurant, although probably not as foolproof as changing your child's diapers in public.

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