Redstone in 2013: Getty

Today in a Los Angeles court, a judge dismissed a suit filed by Manuela Herzer, widely described as a one-time “companion” of Sumner Redstone, the 92-year-old media mogul who is the controlling shareholder of CBS and Viacom. Herzer had alleged that Redstone, whose health is fading, is not mentally competent to control his own estate, but her argument was found unpersuasive. Her claim is certainly complicated by recordings published today by Radar that capture Redstone graphically arranging for threesomes with several unnamed women.

On the tapes, which are voicemails compiled by Radar into a seven minute video, Redstone can be heard describing his sexual desires in detail. Among them:

“Bob’s never done a threesome with two men. He’s done it with three women. So he’s a little bit nervous but he’s gonna come cuz I want him to,” Redstone tells the woman, before he explains what to expect next.

“So what will probably happen will probably really excite you. I’ll fuck her and she’ll suck Bob off and he’ll fuck her and she’ll suck me off,” maps out Redstone.

But the now 92-year-old media mogul isn’t done with his sex plans just yet. Radar has removed the voice of the woman.

“Before that, I’ll make her jerk off in front of Bob because she’s very hot when she jerks off,” he explains. “She’s better than what you do. She takes a long time and she moans.”

Though Radar doesn’t state the timeframe of when the calls were recorded, Radar Executive Editor Lachlan Cartwright told me via email that they were made within the “last two years.” Redstone’s health during that period was central to Herzer’s suit, which itself was just the latest battle in a war between Redstone and his ex-girlfriends and children over what will happen to him and who will get his fortune when he dies.

In court filings, Herzer said that Redstone was placed on a feeding tube in 2014 in order to prolong his life, but his ill physical health does not appear to have stopped him from telling one potential lover that he wanted to “fuck her ass off.” Via Radar again:

“Of course I love you. I wanna fuck your ass off,” he gushes. “You know what? I can arrange for you to participate on Friday. I think you want it. I know you’re shy but you said you want it…Sucking [another male partner] off. It would get me very happy if you did it. Then we’re gonna have a real future of sex. So let me know on my cellphone if that’s ok and I’ll arrange to have you picked up.”

The insatiable Redstone then continues his dirty talk in yet another message he left the woman not quite 24 hours later.

“Hope you don’t mind my language but I’m craving that hot cunt of yours. The way I like to suck it and the way I like to fuck it,” he says. “Lemme ask you a question. I know you say you’re not ready for a threesome with a man…but what about a woman? I think you told me you did threesomes with women.”

David J. Cowan, the judge who dismissed Herzer’s lawsuit, cited a deposition given by Redstone as evidence that the media mogul was sound of mind, but he also noted that Redstone has “very significant ailments, including inability to speak clearly.” But Redstone makes his wishes clear on the tapes obtained by Radar—he sounds like an old man growling about cum, certainly, but far from one on death’s door.

Redstone’s sex life was spelled out in Herzer’s legal filings, much to the anticipation. Wrote Vanity Fair’s William D. Cowhan in a long article about the tussle for the Redstone estate published a few months ago:

In Malibu, Herzer claims, Redstone became obsessive about wanting to have sex. After his wife Phyllis initiated divorce proceedings, in 1999, he had gone on a dating spree, meeting with a slew of beautiful women, often with Herzer’s help. According to the onetime close friend, one of those women remained on retainer with Redstone, getting $5,000 a month at the gate to Beverly Park whether she saw him or not. In Malibu, Redstone relentlessly called out for her, demanding that she come over. But she didn’t answer her phone. Back at Beverly Park, post-fumigation, Redstone continued to pine for her. She showed up, but “he can’t have sex, so it’s all in his head, right?” says the onetime friend. “How can a guy with a feeding tube who can’t move have sex? There’s no sex.”

Radar’s recordings don’t help answer that question, for better or worse, but probably for the better.