If Putin Sends These Guys to Ukraine, It's Game Over

I can only assume the U.S. intelligence community has assets monitoring Russian dashboard camera uploads. How else are defense planners supposed to know about the new Spongebob threat? And let's not think about what happens if Ivan manages to stick a caterpillar drive on that autobus.

Surreal Cartoon Character Street Fight Captured on Russian Dash Cam

Russian dash cams capture a lot of weird activity, but this bizarre cartoon beat down has got to be one of the strangest.

In the video, shot Saturday, a man cuts off a van and gets out of his car to confront the driver, triggering the weird—even by Russian standards—chain of events.

There's not a lot of information available from the recording beyond the driver's hysterical laughter, and it's equally likely the whole thing was staged, but all the context in the world wouldn't make this Spongebob Squarepants-Mickey Mouse attack any less surreal.


[h/t Uproxx]