After the landmark trial that effectively legalized public masturbation in Sweden, locals have apparently taken to seeing what other penile acts of public lewdness they can get away with.

The Local is reporting that a man in the western city of Gothenburg was arrested recently for relieving himself all over the produce section of a popular supermarket chain.

Police officers who arrived at the Hemköp grocery store found the man standing in the fruit in vegetable aisle, having just urinated on a variety of apples and oranges.

All told, some 700 kronor ($110) worth of produce had to be destroyed following the incident.

During his arrest, the man reportedly became belligerent and had to be physically restrained.

He was ultimately taken to a nearby police station and charged with vandalism.

Police suspect alcohol may have played a role in the man's poor decision-making process.

[photo via Shutterstock]