Swedish police were forced to take to a rowboat recently in a low-speed chase to catch a naked man in handcuffs who had fled arrest for suspicion of sexual assault.

The Local reports that the 26-year-old man arrived at the beach at around 6 p.m. and was accused of making unsolicited sexual advances towards a woman. After taking some punches and kicks from the woman's boyfriend (eek!) (nude the whole time!), the naked man was held down until police arrived.

Police handcuffed him, but the man managed to break free and ran towards the water, swimming away while still in handcuffs. Janne Karlsson of the Södermanland police told the Local that at that point "a police officer jumped in the water with a buoy, and another unit jumped into a row boat."

The man was apprehended after a short low-speed chase.

[image via Shutterstock, h/t NYDaily]