On Monday, Fabian Akesson of Karlskrona, Sweden got an unexpected visit from police investigating a possible link to the Islamic State. The evidence? Two birthday balloons, which, when viewed from afar by an idiot, appeared to read "IS."

"I laughed about it and they showed me a photo that they had taken where from their perspective," Akesson told Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten, "it did almost look like the letters IS."

According to The Local, the balloons were hung up to celebrate the birthday of Akesson's 21-year-old girlfriend. Later, a passerby spotted the initials and alerted police to the mylar threat.

Once there, the officers quickly realized their error but still asked the balloons be taken down "to avoid further misunderstanding."

"We understand why someone would report it if they thought it looked like IS-propaganda," Akesson told The Local, "although everyone else just thought it looked like the number '12' from outside."

[Image via Shutterstock]