Following their promise earlier this week to engage in a "full-out war with the Pakistani state, starting on June 10," the Pakistani Taliban attacked the Airport Security Forces camp near Jinnah Airport in Karachi on Tuesday, the second attack in the area in two days.

The Pakistani Taliban already claimed responsibility for the five-hour assault on the Jinnah Airport that left 36 dead on Sunday. (The death toll was 29, but seven more "charred bodies" were found in the airport today.) After that attack, Pakistan's military led airstrikes on militant hideouts in the northwestern Khyber tribal region of Pakistan, according to The New York Times. Security officials say 25 militants were killed, but they won't say if the raids were retaliation for the airport attack.

Today's attack on the Airport Security Forces camp was on a much smaller scale, and it's unclear if there were any casualties. Two militants stormed the camp on motorbikes but were likely stopped by security. Still, Jinnah Airport shut down all flights, and CNN notes that 30 ambulances were rushed to the camp.

Pakistani Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid took responsibility for today's attack: "This wave of attacks will be continuing in retaliation for the shelling and atrocities of the government." Taliban official Omar Khorasani also tweeted, "We are back to ASF academy. Allah is Great. Allah is Great. Allah is Great." The Times quoted his tweet, which annoyed him.

Earlier, Khorasani warned the unsympathetic media about its coverage of the airport attack.

Photo Credit: AP Images