Marie Claire recently asked Ghost of Christmas Past Taylor Swift to identify items "on" a bunch of hypothetical lists (and very literal objects) as part of a hard-hitting interview feature called "What's On." Among the items "on" Taylor Swift's....various things: shoes (ON HER FEET), why the remote in her hotel room won't work (ON HER MIND), and magnets (ON HER REFRIGERATOR DOOR).

The above image is a collage of the items on Taylor Swift's "TOP-FIVE-FEARS LIST." (Presumably, this is a list of the 5 things Taylor Swift personally fears above all others—not a list of the 5 fears she believes are "best.")

They are, in order from left-to-right:

1. "Sea urchins"

2. "Googling myself"

3. "Earwigs"

4. "Cynics"

5. "Getting arrested"

For information about What's On Taylor Swift's "BIGGEST-REGRETS LIST" (spoiler: nothiiiiiiing), visit

[Fear images via Shutterstock // Taylor Swift image via Getty]