Snapchat: cool among teens, even cooler among high school teachers trying to send underage girls pictures of their dick without getting caught. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Stoughton High School teacher and assistant football coach Brandon Amato, 24, admitted yesterday to sending explicit Snapchats to one 16-year-old student and one 17-year-old student.

Amato has been charged with two felony counts of exposing genitals to a child, and if convicted, he could spend up to seven years in jail. The Journal reports:

The [16-year-old] girl told police she was Facebook friends with Amato and said he began to send messages to her on June 29, asking if she was still awake and wanted to sneak out and meet up with him. She said no, but he continued to send messages, and eventually sent her his Snapchat username.

She added him as a Snapchat friend, and a short time later he sent a clothed picture of himself, and she reciprocated. Then he sent a picture that appeared to show him with his hands down his boxer shorts, and then another of his exposed penis.

Same deal with the 17-year-old. Stoughton administrators note that Amato technically was not employed by the school when he sent the Snaps, since his contract ended June 10.

According to police, Amato "initially said he had only sent pictures to people who were 18 or older, but ultimately admitted knowing that the girls were not adults."