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“Do you know who I am?” is never a flattering way to refer to oneself.

Tech billionaire and venture capitalist Chris Sacca reportedly does not know this, because that’s what he shouted when he and his wife were turned away at a showing of the musical Hamilton in New York City last Thursday. According to The New York Post, the “Shark Tank” investor began berating a ticket-taker when his StubHub tickets turned out to be counterfeit:

“He was getting really angry at the ticket scanner,” the tipster said, and speaking in “a really condescending way. “He said he was a ‘shark’ on ‘Shark Tank’ and warned it wouldn’t be good if they couldn’t get in.”

The Post also noticed that Sacca had sent and then deleted a tweet to the show’s writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, just before he arrived, which read: “Cool if I drop by your place tonight? Any plan around 7:00?” Sacca, famous for always wearing a cowboy shirt (okay), also sent out an angry tweet directed at StubHub, which read: “There isn’t any way to make it up. You keep ruining people’s experiences. It happens. Every. Single. Night.”

Sacca is clearly also not happy with the press his incident has gotten (some outlets originally identified his wife, Crystal English, as his girlfriend).

You need to chill out, buddy. Maybe take a break from it all, go to the spa, see a musical! Take some time for you.