In an attempt to force themselves into some sort of truce, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson decided to handle the situation like adults, face to face, mano a mano, standing alone in a guarded storage closet for nearly 25 minutes, according to a new report from The Daily Beast.

Apparently, Carson had originally only agreed to meet with Cruz “for five minutes” in an effort to put the pair’s recent bout of bickering behind them. Cruz, however, had other plans.

From The Daily Beast:

“We weren’t going to comment to the press on it, but it seems pretty clear that the other party involved had a different agenda,” Jason Osborne, Senior Communications Strategist, for Carson’s campaign told The Daily Beast. “How else could we perceive that to be?”

He said that he was informed late about the meeting and didn’t have time to prepare Carson at all. It “did not go well.”

The Daily Beast’s source also claimed that because Cruz wanted to meet “on neutral ground,” Carson’s green room was out of the question—despite the fact that it was “right next to Cruz’s.”

As the meeting took place (“in a closet that allegedly had no chairs”), one Secret Service member reportedly told a Republican operative, “Yeah, they’re in that closet.”

If you have absolutely any more details about the closet, any other closets candidates might have met in, or particularly riveting closet fanfiction, please do let us know.

[via The Daily Beast]

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