Photo of Michael Berry via YouTube

Tonight’s primary results have been a mixed bag for Ted Cruz, presidential candidate and corpse recently fished out of a swimming pool. But that won’t stop his campaign from partying at the “Redneck Country Club,” a Texas venue owned by an astoundingly racist radio host.

Yes, it’s really called that, as CNN’s Jake Tapper explained earlier:


And yes, there’s really a Cruz campaign hoedown going on:


This may or may not shock you, but the Redneck Country Club is owned by an extreme, open racist by the name of Michael Berry, who hosts a racist radio program that includes a blackface “comedian” named “Dr. Rev. Shirley Q Liquor,” who provides a routine of vile black stereotypes for Berry’s white listeners. Here’s a segment from the show:

And Media Matters points out, Berry, a friend of Cruz’s for decades, has referred to blacks as “jungle animals” and “pack animals,” and tweeted in defense of a KKK billboard promoting white purity (“nothing wrong with it”). So remember: Donald Trump is the GOP candidate with a racist affiliation problem