Three hospital visits and one blowdart-removed-from-his-throat later, a teenager finally learned the valuable lesson that accepting YouTube challenges is not always the best idea.

Last week, 15-year-old Shawn Stillinger of Charleston, South Carolina tried a YouTube experiment that requires shooting a blowdart at a tree. It, uh, didn't go so well.

"I tilted it up to shoot it out at a tree and it fell back out of the straw that I had it in," he told Live 5 News. "And, it went into my throat."

Witnesses feared the worst. "One of the ladies told me they were going to have to cut my throat open," said Stillinger.

After two hospitals failed to remove the dart from his windpipe, Stillenger feared it might be stuck forever. Finally, a doctor at a third hospital performed a successful operation.

"We could access his airway and operate on his airway endoscopically all through his mouth," said Dr. David Gudis, before adding the obvious: "People can die from this. People can die from airway foreign bodies."

Tara Chavis, Stillinger's mother, was thankful, if a bit angry, when she finally saw her son.

"I hugged him when I got to where he was," said Chavis. "Then, I probably would have liked to have like 5 minutes in private with him. Maybe Dr. Gudis wouldn't have had to do the job, because I might would have shaken it out of him."