Police in Louisiana arrested a 15-year-old boy last week and charged him with terrorizing and interference with the operation of a school after he allegedly uploaded a YouTube video of himself "shooting" classmates using the popular mobile app Real Strike.

"He said it was a result of him being frustrated and tired of being bullied. He said that he had no intentions of hurting anybody," Major Malcolm Wolfe told reporters.

The Real Strike app is an augmented reality game that simulates a first-person shooter battleground using the real world as a backdrop.

"You can't ignore it," Wolfe said. "We don’t know at what time that game becomes reality."

Parents of the H.L. Bourgeois High school student told investigators they don't own guns, nor does their son have access to weapons.

The teen was booked into Terrebonne Parish Juvenile Detention center, where he remained as of last Friday.

[screengrab via WGNO]