The Wing Zone in Norfolk, Virginia, has apparently fallen victim to a number of armed robberies over the last year, being situated in a bad part of town and all.

That's not to say its employees simply accept their fate and hand over the cash.

In fact, they've developed quite a penchant for fighting back — the most recent instance of which was caught on surveillance camera and uploaded online.

The footage shows the owner's two sons faking cooperation, only to turn the tables on the would-be robber and disarm him.

"They're a military family who are really into hitting the gym and doing all these different types of fighting styles," says a former employee who was present at one of the attempted robberies and alerted authorities to the crime.

What truly seals in the freshness of this video is the post-heroism chestbump-hug hybrid the siblings share.

It's a kind of full-body version of the classic high-five fail.

The fleeing robber, meanwhile, is still out there, but it's unlikely he'll be messing with the Smash Brothers again.

[H/T: Reddit]