A California teenager is facing deportation after a scheme to raise money for a prom dress put another student in the hospital.

According to CBS, 18-year-old Saira Munoz didn't have enough money to buy a dress for prom, so to fundraise, she baked a batch of pot brownies and brought them to her high school, River Valley High School in Yuba, California.

Munoz apparently tried to distance herself from the actual sale, instead hiring a schoolmate to handle the distribution. That turned out to be a huge mistake.

The plan fell apart when a student got sick and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Munoz was arrested, and served nine days in jail.

Now Munoz's residency status in the United States in jeopardy, because hiring her friend—a minor—to sell the brownies constitutes a felony offense. According to CBS, Munoz moved from Mexico to the US with temporary permission in 2000 and federal officials have already been notified of the conviction.

[image via KPIX]