Today's flaccid teenagers are more interested in "gaming" on the computer with their "I-friends" than in smoking cigarettes, traditionally the cool teen pastime of choice. There is at least some burning, noxious silver lining for the tobacco industry.

The latest FDA numbers say that although teen cigarette smoking is down, at least some of this nation's youth are taking the initiative by smoking more cigars. "Cigars?" you say dumbly, agog. Yes, cigars. From the Wall Street Journal:

The percentage of high-school students who said they smoked a cigar in the previous 30 days rose to 12.6% in 2012 from 11.6% in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Among non-Hispanic blacks, the percentage rose to 16.7% from 11.7%, based on a nationwide survey of 228 schools.

Many teens are drawn to so-called little cigars, which are roughly the same size and shape as cigarettes but can be sold as cigars because their wrapping includes tobacco. Cigarillos, medium-size sticks wrapped in tobacco leaf, are also popular.

So basically teens are smoking lots of blunts. And then smoking Black & Milds to clear out the nasty blunt flavor. Not a damn thing has changed. Carry on, kids.

[Photo: Flickr]