Two teens were arrested by police early Thursday morning defacing the 114-year-old Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil War Memorial Monument in Manhattan's Upper West Side. The teens, the New York Post reports, spray painted "doodles, tag names, crude happy and sad faces" on the monument. Also: boobs.

"When responding to a graffiti call, the suspects are usually long gone when you get there," Sgt. Nathaniel Herman told the Post. "But this time we got them, literally, red-handed."

The two teens have been identified as "skateboarder" Mike Kushnir, 17, and his 15-year-old "gal pal" by the Post. They were charged by police with multiple counts of criminal mischief and apparently have been busted by cops before for graffiti. From the Post:

She was also charged with criminal mischief and making graffiti for a March incident where she scrawled her initials on a mailbox, cops said.

Kushnir was additionally charged with tagging a lamppost at the corner of Riverside Drive and West 88th Street in May, cops said. That time he used a blue marker to write "Trap," cops said.

[H/T Daily Intel // Images via NYPD]