Logan Stevenson is two years, nine months, and 15 days old. He has a younger sister named Savannah and an aunt named Kellie. Stocky with peach-fuzz hair, he's an empathetic child, the sort of little boy who wipes away his mother's tears when she cries. His favorite stuffed animal is a rabbit named Bun Bun.

When Logan was 14 months old, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. In July 2012, the child underwent a stem cell transplant. The following March, he had a kidney removed after doctors detected a tumor. In June, his family went to Disney World, courtesy of Make-A-Wish Foundation, but the trip was cut short when Logan fell ill. A recent emergency-room visit revealed his remaining kidney had a mass and on Friday, July 26, doctors informed his parents that their son only had another two-to-three weeks to live.

Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson, residents of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, were planning to get married next summer. But when they learned about their boy's terminal condition, they decided to hold the wedding immediately, just a week later, so Logan would be there. After a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about their situation ran, the family received an influx of donations—so many they couldn't accept all the offers.

This past Saturday, the ceremony took place in the couple's Jeannette backyard. There were about 120 guests, plus a television crew and at least one newspaper reporter.

Logan was the best man. He wore a pin-striped suit with an orange shirt. His mother carried him down the aisle. Bun Bun was there too.

Update 9:15 am: Less than an hour after this post was published, the Associated Press reported that Logan died last night at 8:18pm in his mother's arms.

His mom Christine posted this on Facebook:

"I held him all day he was comfortable with his medication then at 8:18 my son took his last breath in my arms Logan passed away im so sad upset and im in disbelief he is with angels and he's in no more pain. no more sickness no more hospitals.we love all of u for all your prayers thank u all for caring god bless u all! And most of all god bless Logan I'll c u in my dreams my son."

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