A District Court judge has ordered that a terminally ill woman be issued a marriage license immediately so she can marry her same-sex partner.

If not for Judge Thomas Durkin's decision, Vernita Gray (above, left) of Illinois would have had to wait until next summer in order to tie the knot with Patricia Ewert (above, right) — and by then it may be too late.

"I have two cancers, bone and brain and I just had chemo today," Gray told NBC Chicago. "I am so happy to get this news. I’m excited to be able to marry and take care of Pat, my partner and my family, should I pass."


Cook County Clerk David Orr has already confirmed his intention to comply with Judge Durkin's order.

Orr said he will expedite the license so that Gray and Taylor can get married as soon as possible.


Same-sex marriage was recently legalized in Illinois, but same-sex couples will be forced to wait until June 1st for SB10 to take effect after a vote to suspend the rules fell a few votes short.

[photo via Facebook]