You can stop holding your breath: Pantone has announced its new Color of the Year. And it's...well, it makes a statement.

Pantone describes its Radiant Orchid hue as "an enchanting harmony of fuchsia purple and pink undertones." The glorified mauve will now be used the world over in cosmetics, textiles, interior decorating, and even flower arrangements the world over (or at least its chicest quarters) throughout 2014, after which it will no doubt be unseated by a new incredibly important paint chip.

But what if you don't like orchids or radiance? What if your family has a blood feud with the mauve lobby? What if you just really, really don't look good in shades of pink? (This redheaded writer is already mourning the passing of 2013's lovely Emerald.) Well, there are technically other color authorities out there, even if they aren't quite as powerful. For instance, Sherwin Williams paint company suggests the not-at-all-similar Exclusive Plum!

Or you could, you know, just pick colors you like.

[image via AP]