In May, Geoffrey Portway pleaded guilty to soliciting the kidnapping of a child and to the distribution and possession of child pornography. As part of his sentencing, federal prosecutors released photos of Portway's basement torture chamber, which the 40-year-old had planned to use to "rape, kill and eat" children he kidnapped with the help of two accomplices.

In documents filed on Tuesday, federal prosecutors outlined Portway's plans in detail, including his communication with other sexual predators in online forums, where Portway went by the name "Fat Longpig." One would-be partner was a part-time puppeteer in Florida named Ronald Brown. According to the court documents, Portway and Brown planned to kidnap children from a local church before eating them for several weeks and then feeding their “leftovers” to alligators. Portway, a UK citizen born in Spain and living in Worcester, Mass., also discussed kidnapping a child with Michael Arnett, who lived in Kansas.

Below are photographs from Portway's dungeon, where police found a cage, a child coffin, a butchering kit, and two freezers.

Portway faces sentencing in federal court on Tuesday. Prosecutors are seeking a 27-year sentence.

[Images via Daily Mail]