Following a recent ruling by a Federal judge who declared the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program unconstitutional, Mayor Bloomberg said he planned to appeal the decision claiming the discriminatory practice of detaining the city's residents based on their skin color didn't get "a fair trial."

"Hold on — let me get this straight: you think this program is being unfairly stopped and scrutinized even though it’s done nothing wrong," asked Daily Show host John Oliver during last night's definitive segment on the controversial tactic. "I think I know millions of blacks and Latinos in this city who know exactly how you feel."

For the "white people" in the audience who were having trouble empathizing, Oliver offered this analogy:

You know how we feel at the airport, when the TSA is patting us down, unnecessarily delaying us, looking for weapons we obviously don't have? Well, imagine your entire neighborhood is Terminal B at LaGuardia, and the TSA agents sometimes talk to you like this: "Um, boarding pass please and what the fuck are you looking at?"

In a follow-up report, senior correspondent Jessica Williams takes to the streets of Business Harlem (i.e., Wall Street) where "white collar crime is disproportionately committed by people who fit a certain profile."

[H/T: The Atlantic Wire, screengrab via The Daily Show]