Adam Kuhn, chief of staff to Republican Ohio Rep. Steve Stivers, resigned today after his former porn star ex-girlfriend tweeted "at least one photo of Kuhn's penis" to Stivers' Twitter account, Politico reports.

Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, who worked under the name Ruby, told Politico she tweeted the photos "to teach the pompous asshole a lesson." Sounds reasonable!

"I hate you, AJK, you selfish pompous a—hole," Allbaugh tweeted on June 21. Kuhn's full name is Adam Joshua Kuhn.

Allbaugh added: "Now we're even."

In a direct message on Twitter to this reporter, Allbaugh said she "just wanted to teach the pompous a——— a lesson." Allbaugh called herself "a disgruntled former girlfriend."

"I was trying to make him hate me, I guess," she added, although Allbaugh later said she was in love with Kuhn and her own husband at the same time.

Allbaugh's Twitter account, which identified her as "The Pornstar Pudnit," has since been deleted. A dick pic-less but still very NSFW cache of photos is still available here. (That's her above.)


It seems a little unfair that Kuhn would be asked to resign, assuming he didn't leave under his own will. Besides the alleged rectal pomposity, and a little light infidelity — Allbaugh is married; Kuhn is not — what exactly did he do wrong here? Private, consensual dick pics may happen during a relationship between two adults! And it's not like he sent them to his boss.

Stivers' spokeswoman Courtney Whetstone told Politico the office accepted Kuhn's resignation, and that it "is not commenting on his personal life."


[Photo via Twitter]