I'm extremely pleased to announce the launch of Morning After, Gawker's new television-discussion sub-blog, helmed by Jacob Clifton of Television Without Pity.

There are a lot of things that many people talk about online—politics, sports, music, parenting techniques, what a particular booty had them like. There is one thing that everyone talks about online. Television. We may be living in a "golden age" of television; we're definitely living in a golden age of television talk—endless, engaging, funny, insightful discussion and debate about Game of Thrones, Real Housewives, Revenge, True Detective, Mad Men, that weird bourbon commercial on Mad Men, Scandal, Orange Is the New Black, and dozens more.

We want to become the home for that—for the best of what's being said about television, not just by professional critics but by the obsessed and brilliant viewers and fans, who've shown over the last several years that they can provide just as much intelligence and insight as their credentialed peers. We're working on creating a publishing and commenting platform that will encourage and foster the best conversations online. And in Jacob and the band of writers he's put together, we know we have some of the strongest and sharpest voices in television writing ready to stimulate and prompt discussion.

What we rely on most of all, though, is you—the readers, viewers, and writers who will make this experiment in conversation succeed or fail. We're going spending a lot of time trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, and we welcome your feedback—either in the comments of this post, or over email (I'm max@gawker.com; Jacob is jacob@gawker.com).

With that, I'm going to turn it over to Jacob.