The best source of information on Gamergate, the ongoing campaign by video game enthusiasts and basement-tier conservative celebrities who want ... well, it's not exactly clear what, is Reddit's /r/gamergate subreddit.

It's just like the real Gamergate subreddit, /r/kotakuinaction, except that all the posts have been replaced with fanart of Sonic the Hedgehog kissing My Little Ponies. Oh, and someone made Gamergate's top harassment target, game developer Zoë Quinn, a moderator.

It's not clear when the switchover happened, but people started noticing it on Twitter Monday.

With only 150 subscribers to /r/kotakuinaction's 14,000, /r/gamergate was never the center of Gamergate activity on Reddit (and the real hub of the movement is anonymous message board 8chan). But in a week when even Gamergaters seem exhausted by Gamergate, this unexpected message of love, tolerance, and making out with Sonic is a welcome bit of levity.