Is it trying to get you to associate the Republican Party with SportsCenter? Hoping you'll fall for a lovable anti-Clinton mascot costume? Trying to court nut producers for donations? Who knows? The point is: Reince Priebus wanted it, and it's in HD, so watch the damn turd.

This simulacrum of an ESPN ad, replete with a life-size squirrel mascot or something, is supposed to warm viewers to the Republican National Committee's new campaign against Hillary Clinton, i.e. a retired woman who hasn't announced she's running for anything. But if—if!—Clinton runs for president in two years, what with her high approval ratings, the GOP will have succeeded in letting you know where it stands:

Here's something that's not nuts, according to the American people: loving Bill Clinton, who just yesterday was determined by a poll to be the most admired president in the past 25 years. By a lot. Like, he was almost as popular as Barack Obama and the two George Bushes combined.

Here's something that is nuts: Jockeying to be the party that represents everyday red-blooded Americans with an ad campaign revolving around a squirrel mascot costume from France. Dumbass rodent probably windsurfs and hangs out with that eurotrash GOP hipster.