A 12-year-old serial vehicle thief has allegedly struck again in Springfield, Fla. Michael Propst has already been in juvenile detention twice this summer for stealing two different school buses and taking them on joyrides. Now he's being accused of stealing a pickup truck.

"Juvenile Justice called and told me 'In case you're not aware, he's on the loose again,'" Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne told Panama City's WJHG.

"When he's facing something he doesn't like, he lashes out by running and stealing things," Thorne added.

The tween committed his latest grand theft auto with the intention of visiting a friend in Dothan, Ala., according to police who checked up on Propst's Facebook. They alerted sheriffs in multiple counties, and Propst was arrested while heading for the Alabama state line.

The 1990 Chevy pickup belonged to a neighbor, and Propst admitted he took it after a failed attempt to steal a go-kart from the same neighbor's garage, police say. Propst also confessed he tried and failed to take his mom's car.

The boy served 21 days in juvenile detention for each of his previous auto thefts, and WJHG reports a judge "will most likely order him held for another 21 days."

[h/t UPI, Photo: WJHG]