What starts out as a "normal, everyday, run of the mill" interview with Oz the Great and Powerful star James Franco on the latest episode of Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis — "of all the art projects that you've done, what has made people roll their eyes the hardest?" — turns out to be a backdoor intro for the new Lonely Island music video, "Spring Break," guest starring Edward Norton.

Earlier this week, the Digital Short trio announced on SNL the upcoming release of their third studio album, The Wack Album, which is due in stores June 11th.

And just yesterday, the boys took to their YouTube channel to announce "Wack Wednesdays," which entails the release of a new video or song every Wednesday in the lead-up to the Wack Album's release.

It's unclear if every new video will be as, um, backdoor as this one, but one can certainly hope so.

[video via Funny or Die]