Last night, after three weeks, the armed militiamen got what they wanted: a violent confrontation with the federal government. Now a half dozen of the loose leadership are behind bars, roads out of the compound blockaded by law enforcement, and a dedicated group inside refusing to surrender.

For now, at least, an unknown number of presumably armed militants remain inside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge trying to decide what to do next. The odds of forcing the federal government to relinquish control of public grazing lands now seem very low.


Militant David Fry is currently streaming live from inside the compound under the name “DefendYourBase,” offering perhaps the only window into those still holding out (if it appears frozen, try refreshing)


It’s currently too dark to see anything, but you can overhear the militants discussing last night’s news, casually chatting, complaining about “Reddit trolls,” and one gentleman is hocking up large mouthfuls of phlegm. At one point a man yelled loudly, into the darkness, “WOULD ANYONE LIKE A MUFFIN?”

There have been multiple audible declarations of a willingness to kill federal agents.

There’s no indication yet as to whether the FBI will attempt to remove the remaining militiamen, or simply wait for them to drive out and face arrest.

The men and women still inside claim they are prepared to die.