It seems all Jennifer Hudsons look alike to the paps.

Celebrity photographers who descended on some random girl walking down the street in Beverly Hills were apparently unable to tell her apart from Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, and proceeded to market the snapshots as the real deal.

Celebrity websites then took the bait, posting the photos under such headlines as "Jennifer Hudson Dressing to Impress."

This prompted J-Hud herself to take to Instagram with a screengrab of the "mix-up" to mock the paparazzi's inability to tell the two women apart.

"Cute girl!" Hudson wrote, "But that ain't me! I know the poor girl was like, y r they taking pictures of me!! Wow!"

Hudson's inadvertent doppelgänger later took to her own Instagram account to refute claims that she was a Jennifer Hudson wannabe.

"I'm all over the internet," wrote thelagirl. "I just want to clear this up! I WAS NOT trying to Impersonate @iamjhud I was minding my business on the phone with my mom! BUT I do look good! Thanks."

[H/T: ONTD, screengrabs via Instagram]