Donald Trump winning an election? We’ve come to accept that bizarre possibility as plausible. But telling a pollster that you view Donald Trump as electable? Now that’s crazy.

Donald Trump: a clown, a moron, a loudmouth, a fool. It turns out that he is the perfect candidate for today’s Republican party. Who knew? The media did not know. The pundits did not know. The Republican party establishment did not know. The only ones who knew were the gullible, angry morons who make up Trump’s base. They knew that they were more prevalent than we dared to guess.

Now, we must all deal with the fact that Donald Trump could very well win the Republican nomination for president. We must accept the fact that there are many, many people who will cast their angry, moronic votes for Donald Trump. But I find even that strange fact to be less strange than the fact that in a new Washington Post/ ABC News poll, Republicans name Donald Trump as the most electable candidate in the field. Yes: when asked which of the five most popular Republican presidential candidates they think has the best chance of being elected president, the majority of Republicans polled answered somberly, “Donald Trump.”

I can see a person being dumb and angry enough to vote for Donald Trump themselves. But to be dumb and angry enough to believe that most other people will also vote for Donald Trump? That shit is unbelievable.

Thus we see the self-fulfilling prophecy of the 2016 Republican campaign cycle:

  • Mad about everything ————————->
  • Not gonna put up with this shit—————>
  • I’ll show them————————————>
  • I’m voting for most crazy person—————>
  • That’ll show them———————————>
  • Other people are too?——————————>
  • The crazy person is gonna win——————->
  • The crazy person is now the establishment—->
  • I hate him.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this spectacle, only months from now!

[Photo: Flickr/ AP]