With the 30th anniversary of Robert Zemeckis' iconic 1985 film Back to the Future fast approaching (for real, this time), today is as good a day as any to take a look back, er, forward, um, sideways? at how the movies envisioned their actors aging, versus how they ended up aging in real life.

The 1985 versions of the characters played by Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Tom Wilson were only supposed to be 30 years older than their 1955 counterparts, but it seems the makeup department took some unnecessary liberties with the age-o-matic, at least as far as Thompson and Glover are concerned.

But the clear winner is obviously Michael J. Fox, who, despite his somewhat dad-ish features, definitely will not end up looking like his fax-obsessed, Flea-bullied self from the year 2015.

[H/T: Slashfilm, images via Uproxx, Reddit, Getty]