We've already assembled what we think are the best Gawker posts of 2013. Here is what the faceless, indifferent gods of internet traffic thought were the best.

They like sex tapes, Russell Brand, "unbelievable" photos, Russell Brand again, really sad stories, and lists of terrible people. These are ranked by pageviews. (The bottom of the list is over here: The 10 Least Popular Gawker Posts of 2013, by Traffic.)

1. "Here's The First Clip From Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape' [NSFW]," by Neetzan Zimmerman—10,936,027

2. "Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night," by Neetzan Zimmerman—6,517,124

3. "This Three Minute Commercial Puts Full-Length Hollywood Films to Shame," by Neetzan Zimmerman—6,042,723

4. "The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read," by Caity Weaver—5,224,081

5. "Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead," by Neetzan Zimmerman—3,908,953

6. "Man Wakes Up from Surgery, Realizes He's Married to a Beautiful Woman," by Neetzan Zimmerman—3,632,389

7. "Mom Gives Kids Homemade Lunch, School Forces Them to Eat Ritz Crackers," by Neetzan Zimmerman—2,778,696

8. "Cheating Prank Backfires When Girlfriend Reveals She's Cheating Too," by Neetzan Zimmerman—2,758,743

9. "Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show Host for Treating Him Like Shit," by Neetzan Zimmerman—2,342,482

10. "The Perfect Solution to Obnoxiously Loud Cellphone Conversations," by Neetzan Zimmerman—1,358,281